What Does It Take To Make A High Caliber Documentary Film?

Step 1 - A Really Phenomenal Story...

Civil is a documentary film about the making of America told from events found in young peoples diaries, letters and stories passed down from generation to generation. 

The story starts with the Iroquois Nation’s influence on the writing of the United States constitution, travels along the Trail of Tears and tells what it was like to live through the Jim Crow era, the Great Depression and the rise of Hitler. These historical layers  lead to the success of the Civil Rights Movement and to the America that we know today.  CIVIL shows how we gain or lose freedom incrementally, what democracy is and why it matters.

Step 2 - A Really Solid Action Plan

Step 3 - A Really Realistic Financial Plan ...​

Step 4 - A Really Fantastic Partnership between Filmmakers and Film Backers.

It takes YOU!

You are the WEFT to our WEAVE ...

the SALT to our PEPPER ...

the LAURAL to our HARDY.


And ... join the journey!