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On August 19, 1958, a group of children walked into Katz drugstore, sat down at the lunch counter and asked for service. This day began a journey demonstrating one of America’s most successful examples of democracy and change. It never got violent, it never made national news but these kids desegregated every restaurant except one before the 1964 Civil Rights Act became law. “Children of the Civil Rights” shares their six year odyssey to freedom.

Interested in screening “Children of the Civil Rights at your theater? We are interested in reaching audiences across the country so we kept our licensing rates low and we include unlimited viewing. This is perfect for teaming up with your local schools, arranging for a panel discussion with us or with people in your community who participated in the civil rights movement for a panel discussion year after year.

For more information, contact film director Julia Clifford, phone: (360) 305-7837 or email: julia@cliffordcreations.com

(For theaters with super tight budgets, we have a very limited number of licenses with reduced fees available.)

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