Tulsa Students Review “CHILDREN OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS” in Mr. Jon Lari’s High School Class
Demarius Hay: “The film was very inspiring…. It made me want to practice nonviolence in my everyday life. The quote [at the end] from John Lewis was very amazing; it made me think back on my own life and want to change some stuff I was doing.”
Tsiana Davis: “Children of the Civil Rights was a good source of information because the film used actual children (now adults) who were a part of the Civil Rights era to explain how life was during that time.”
Demarco Calvin: “The film showed me how we take life for granted now-a-days.”
Markus Hicks: “I think the children of the Civil Rights [Movement] experienced a lot in their lives; they deserve to be remembered in history.”
Eareanna Penny: “My reaction on the film was [that it was] shocking…to know that children can be brave enough and fight for their rights, and change our country.”
Kezia Fox: “The video was educational and it makes you think on ways to help change your community.”
David Arroyo: “My reaction to the film was that it motivated me because the children fought for themselves.”
Claytonia Asberry: “I think that the film was a great way to show how to do something that you believe in.”
Amasia Conway: “The film Children of the Civil Rights was an amazing and inspirational film. It informed me on a lot of history that these children created just by fighting for their rights. Overall it was the best film I’ve ever seen.”
Alvaro Luna: “My reaction to the film was that it motivated me to act like the people in the sit-ins by using and applying non-violence to my life.”
Jael Alondra Martinez: “The children were fighting for their rights because everybody should be treated equally, no matter their race, where they come from, or what kind of color skin they have.”
Alexis Ratliff: “Everyone should be treated equally. It was great to see the children in ‘Children of the Civil Rights’ fight for what they believed in without using violence.”