How Hotdogs and Baseball Launched My Art Career

It all began in 1962 with the birth of twins…

(Too far back?)


Ok, I’ll jump to 1972. That’s when my mom put me in my first real painting class, (she knew that I liked to create.)

I was 10 (and the only kid in the class of adults). 

The first assignment was to pick something small and paint it big. 

One classmate picked his sneaker. Another picked a flower from outside. 

I picked … a hotdog.


My twin brother had just played baseball the night before and I still remembered that smell … civic baseball field hotdogs … mmmm.

I didn’t have a hotdog in class to refer to so I just visualized a hotdog in a bun with ketchup, mustard and relish and I began to paint.

Four classes later, I finally finished my hotdog (it was four feet long) but … I hadn’t started the background yet. My hotdog was still floating on a five foot sea of white canvas and this was our fifth and final class.

I was out of time!

During the first class, the teacher taught us all about the color wheel and about how diagonal lines are more interesting, more dynamic, than vertical or horizontal lines. 

So, for the background, I decided to paint stripes (and practice blending primary into secondary colors to boot).

The end result … a 4 ft long hotdog floating on a background of big, broad, bold green, purple and orange stripes. 

Could modern art of the 70’s have any influence, I ask myself now? 

(I was ten … from small town Oklahoma; I think I just wanted to impress my art teacher with my newfound knowledge. She was pretty and she knew art!)

Today, choosing colors for this website, I thought … 

… well, you guessed it, ode to the hotdog!


(and to my mom for seeing the artist in me!)

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