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Negros arrested June 1921 and marched to convention hall during America’s worst race riot: Tulsa Race Massacre.


The Great Experiment documentary film

is our next film project. It’s about the evolution of democracy beginning with the Iroquois Nation, (target release date 2023).

George Gillette chairman weeps in Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug office after selling 155,000 acres for the Garrison Dam and Reservoir project May, 20, 1948. (AP Photo)


Why this film?

At National Congress of American Indians, Crystal Echo Hawk said:

  • 87% of State History Standards do not mention Native American History after 1900.
  • 27 states make no mention of a single native American in their K-12 curriculum.

At Art House Convergence Conference, Native American filmmaker Heather Rae said:

  • Hollywood generates approximately 80% of the worlds consumable media content including films, music and television.
  • Native people make up zero to .04 percent of representation in American film and television.

Are you OK with the status quo?

Becoming Visible – A Landscape Analysis of State Efforts to Provide Native American Education for All | National Congress of American Indians 


Join our dream team! Let's make a film that focuses 45% on Native American history.

Meet our crew, our advisors and all who inspired this story’s content and creation. Now, we need … YOU!

Rick Steves gave a presentation at the ALA conference in Seattle that knocked our socks off. What he had to say inspired a section of our film’s story! We hope to interview him in 2021. 

Are you wondering if we have what it takes?

There’s nothing like seeing and auditorium full of 500 students giving a standing ovation for a documentary film! That’s RARE!

But this happened time and again with our previous film, Children of the Civil Rights, at high schools and college campuses, libraries (and PBS stations) across the nation.

What students say: … the best film I’ve ever seen … Inspirational! … Fantastic! … a cinematic masterpiece … Don’t blink while watching this film, you don’t want to miss anything!

4.9 out of 5 stars – Teachers attending Multicultural Education Institute

3.5 out of 4 stars – Video Librarian

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Like our other films, it will take passion and dedication to make The Great Experiment.

Without support...
a whole race will continue to be erased.

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The Great Experiment

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