Bob Ridgley has over twenty-five years of experience in film and audio production as owner of Binary Recording Studio in Bellingham, Washington.

Binary Studio has created documentaries, projects for MTV, independent films, various corporate TV commercials and private ventures. He produced and directed the pioneering snowboard feature film “Baked-Mount Baker Hard Core” as well as award winning music videos. He is an instructor at Northwest Film School and the film program at Western Washington University.


Bob won the Mary Pickford Independent Film Award in 2005 for his tireless support of independent film making in Northwest Washington and recently won the Mayor’s Arts Award in 2009 for film making.

Currently, Bob has a new documentary out called “American Collectors”, a film about people who collect things (PBS) , “Bean to Bar”, a film about  artisan chocolate makers in America, and “Oberfelder Cannabis Farm-the Good, the Bad and the Happy” now showing in theaters.

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