We believe in making a difference.

We believe in empowering the young for they will make the world better.

We believe in empowering the young for they will make the world better.

The way we empower the young is by making products beautifully crafted, delightfully entertaining and deeply inspirational. We happen to make great films. “Children of the Civil Rights” is one of them. 

Want to grab your audience’s attention? Want a film that will make your students, your library, theater or TV audience stand up and cheer? 

This documentary film will help you reach your audience and inspire them to go out and change the world.

Clifford Creations and Binary Studio Productions
team up to bring you "Children of the Civil Rights" documentary film.

My name is Julia and I am co-producer and director of “Children of the Civil Rights”. I own Clifford Creations (my last name is Clifford). I am a multimedia artist who creates stories that you can use in schools, libraries, indie theaters, PBS stations and, of course, in your own home. When I’m not marketing “Children of the Civil Rights”, I spend time working on my newest documentary called Civil (working title) or painting. Civil is about how we gain and lose freedom, what democracy is and why it matters (target date 2020).

My co-producer is Bob Ridgley. He is also the Director of Photography and Editor for “Children of the Civil Rights”. Bob owns Binary Studio Productions. For over 30 years, Bob has created audio and video productions and he is absolutely fantastic at what he does (I wouldn’t work with anyone else). Bob’s most recent films include: American Collector (a film about people who collect things), Bean to Bar (about America’s best chocolate makers) and Oberfelder Cannabis Farm, the Good, the Bad and the Happy. All are delightfully entertaining!